Jane Ellen Kiernan

With over half her 25 years as a serving Police Officer spent as Inspector or Chief Inspector, Jane well knows what it takes to be a minority senior leader managing teams numbering 2 to 200+. Jane was highly respected and regularly sought out for her emotional intelligence, integrity, honesty and professionalism. Her clients will appreciate those same qualities as Jane helps them to discern & celebrate their achievements, open up to different perspectives, and find their own executive voice - no matter the obstacles.


“Trying to be something you’re not is the biggest mistake you can make, particularly for female leaders; once you compromise on being you, you’ve lost credibility & respect and will find it harder to reach your goals.

For all my clients, being open is key; open to possibilities, to new ideas, to a different approach. Shutting down ideas without due thought or consideration - perhaps because we fear change, mistakes, or being seen to be wrong - actually diminishes our opportunities for success.”

coaching style

Mutual respect is important to Jane in her coaching sessions. She wants her clients to feel heard, understood and valued. She has confidence in her clients - she doesn’t tell them what they should or shouldn’t do - but instead helps them utilise the skills and abilities they already have. Yes, she offers practical guidance and a different perspective, but always with the goal of helping her clients find their own executive voice.

All too often Jane has observed in her clients - and herself at times - a tendency to focus on setbacks. That’s why she’s dedicated to helping them recognise and appreciate their successes - to celebrate them - working with those achievements to grow further.


Jane spent over 25 years as a serving Police Officer with the last 13 as Inspector and Chief Inspector. She knows how to carry weighty responsibilities, cooperating with and supporting those of higher rank in an organisation, while simultaneously caring for the welfare and development of a high-performing team.

As Inspector and Chief Inspector, Jane worked extensively with external partners, including private, public and third-sector organisations. To reach and maintain good working relations, Jane faced conflicting priorities, mistrust of the police, and the challenge of operating under constraints. These experiences honed Jane’s skills in negotiating, influencing, facilitating, and coaching, offering her rare insights that she’s keen to share with her clients.


Being a minority senior leader during a difficult period in her former organisation, Jane had to carve out her own path in a very male-dominated environment. She didn’t just survive, she thrived; being highly respected and sought out for her excellent leadership skills. So Jane understands the realities of performing to a very high standard, under pressure, and in the face of critics. Her experience moves her to proactively coach, encourage and support other female leaders to understand and reach their potential. She did so in her roles as Inspector & Chief Inspector and when serving on the police service’s Women in Leadership board, and she continues to do so as a Duratus coach.

Jane is committed to giving female clients the support they need to embrace their innate - often overlooked - skills and abilities, and complement them with other leadership methods, so they can lead high-performing teams without sacrificing who they are.

When reflecting on the time she received a well-deserved and long-awaited promotion, despite dealing with a prolonged & distressing family event, Jane said: “I was confident in the fact I knew my business. I wasn’t trying to be someone I wasn’t. I gave the promotion panel Inspector ‘Jane Mooney’ - as I was then - and that is what they saw and that’s why they promoted me.” Jane epitomises authenticity in leadership - and is eager to help her clients do the same.

Jane is a Duratus Keynote Speaker, commanding the attention of audiences of any size and providing insights that can be applied to almost any organisation

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