We help business leaders become more resilient and authentic.

Our Duratus coaches use rare insights and strategies forged in the most intense human environments to help you be better and lead better.

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what our clients say

"I have worked with my coach now for many months. I had decided that mindset was my limiting factor but having sought out Duratus through a referral, I could not be more pleased to have found their guidance.

We have predominantly worked on my mindset and my coach has completely changed my approach and I can already see the difference. Getting to know me on a deeper level has set in place the steps to achieve success. I am looking forward to the months to come.

With my coach’s guidance I now feel that there is no barrier to my success. I would 100% recommend Duratus to anyone."

Business Owner
the challenges

It Seems Impossible to Realise Your Goals When Every Day is Relentless

Few professionals comprehend the intense pressure chief executives, partners, and others like you undergo every day, but we do. From our experience, the challenge could be:

  • Your team isn’t responding well to your style of leadership - but you worry that changing your approach will undermine your authority.
  • Your belief that good leaders must have all the answers has led you into some uncomfortable situations.
  • Your team has high attrition - but you don’t know if it’s possible to create an environment that balances high performance with resilience & longevity.
  • Your personal or professional failures haunt you - so the prospect of trying something out of your comfort zone is paralysing.
  • You’re unsure how to measure your progress or development.
the results

You Know There is a Better Way to Lead

Our unique experiences - with Special Forces, or competitive athletes - exposed us to some of the toughest, high-stake environments any human can face. We’ve honed our craft, and led & supported others to successfully navigate and thrive in complex high-pressure situations.

We will coach you in the principles and strategies that served us so well - so you can:

A man is smiling, and confidently leads a team meeting around a table.
  • Feel authentic.
  • Be the kind of leader your team respects because you are confident in who you are and how to lead.
  • Recover from a setback or failure quicker than your competitors.
  • Create an environment that makes your team want to bring their full selves to their job, stay hyper-focused, and stick around for longer.
  • Take on challenging new roles because you know how to handle fear, anxiety, and stress.
  • Communicate better with those that matter most.
the resources

Duratus is Outfitted with
Everything You Need

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sessions with a Coach

We offer a variety of sessions that will be tailored to you or your team - from the recommended coach to the package, the approach, and advice. We can equip you to reach your personal and professional objectives - and thrive in the process.

self-guided progress

We are passionate about helping leaders develop authenticity and resilience. So if a one-to-one session is not what you’re looking for just now, then we still want to help you realise your goals.

the coaches

Why Duratus is Best Positioned to Guide You

You may wonder, If we haven’t entered a boardroom with a multi-million pound deal at stake how are we able to understand you, let alone offer advice?

Collectively, Duratus coaches have:

  • Led elite military units into hostile environments knowing our lives and the lives of our colleagues are at stake
  • Successfully led globally dispersed teams
  • Supported athletes and military personal with evidence-based techniques of human performance psychology
  • Advised large corporations on running expeditions and operations in the most complex of environments
  • Already helped individuals and teams from your industry and others - from the military, to finance, law, and competitive sport

The same principles that worked for us - and our other high performing clients - can work for you.

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