You deserve more than generic advice from someone who isn’t invested in you.

You’ve had the drive to reach this point and accomplish great things. The bottom line is you know you can do better, work better, and be better. That's why you want objective, honest feedback from someone you can respect, so you can become the authentic version of yourself.

Duratus lead coach, Garry Banford, is relaxed, standing, his hands in his pockets and is smiling. He is talking to a group of executives who are seated and have their backs to us.

Duratus is Founded on Our Strong Desire to Help You Be Successful

The years we’ve spent leading high-performance teams, supporting ambitious individuals, and coaching others to do the same, have formed in us a firm desire to continue guiding others to achieve success.

Success can mean different things to different people. For you success could mean:

A father in a white shirt and tie is sat on the sofa with his young daughter. They are both relaxed and she is attempting to tit the knot in his tie.
  • Reaching your ambitious professional goals without sacrificing your well-being or your family.
  • Leading a high-performing team without compromising who you are and still having their respect.
  • Accepting the position everyone else is afraid of, confident you have the tools to handle whatever it throws at you.
  • Being able to excel under pressure no matter how high the stakes.

We've helped corporate executives and leaders, just like you, to become more authentic and resilient.

what our clients say

"Duratus has worked with me on developing my leadership style and stress management skills in the context of both my business career and a cancer diagnosis.

My coach’s background at an elite organisation operating in extreme and high pressured situations provides him with unique insights into leading high-performance teams and dealing with stress, which he distils into practical and actionable advice.

I would highly recommend him and Duratus."

Alex Green
Partner, Macfarlanes
our experience

We’ve Honed Our Craft Under Extreme Conditions

The Duratus coaches and mentors are in no way better than you. In fact, we are very much aware of our own strengths and weaknesses. However, we have had unique career opportunities that gave us rare insights into optimum human performance and mindset - insights we are eager to share with you.

Collectively, our coaches have:

  • Worked and led through the busiest period in Special Forces history
  • Advised large corporations running expeditions and operations in the most complex of environments
  • Published peer-reviewed publications
  • Researched sleep, fatigue, resilience and human performance in the defence and security sector
  • Participated in NATO research task groups
what you get

Our Investment in You Has Moved Us to Offer a Variety of Resources

one-to-one coaching

Whether you are feeling ill-equipped for the gravity of your responsibilities, need an empathetic, objective advisor, or help to readjust your mindset, we offer short or long term guidance in one-to-one sessions with a coach or mentor.

A man in a grey suite and blue shirt is smiling and using his laptop to make a video call in the Duratus Inner Circle.

team workshops

If you have a high-performing team eager to learn how to manage stress, develop resilience, communicate effectively, and foster meaningful relationships, we offer corporate team workshops.

Duratus coaches Garry Banford and Ruair Dwyer and standing up and facing us. They are smilng. A group of male and female executives are seated at a table in front of them with their backs to us. One of the men has turned and is looking this way.

online resources

We’ve created several online courses sharing actionable advice and addressing topics important to ambitious professionals. Our popular podcast invites you to listen in on dynamic conversations with industry experts - while our articles let you sample practical advice from expert authors.

A close up of a man in a dark blue suit, sitting on a brown leather sofa. He is using his laptop which is on the table in front of him, to take an online course by Duratus. He has a white coffee cup and glass of water next to his laptop.
the process

How We Will Work Together

Get started with a free consultation

This 20-minute informal call allows you to connect with us, so we can explore your needs and create the right coaching experience for you. We can even arrange your first session if you’re ready. Following our call, we’ll send you a welcome email with details and payment instructions.

Easy scheduling

Your coach will arrange your next appointment after each session. Alternatively, you can book your own appointment online.

Virtual sessions

Most of our one to one sessions are held online via video call. This makes our sessions more adaptable to your schedule & location and conducive to open, easy conversation.

Duratus team

You Can Be Confident We Understand the Unique Pressures You Face

Coaching - and mentorship - is personal. We want you to trust us, so we can have a genuinely positive effect on your personal and professional life. Here we share more about ourselves so we can start this journey together.

A close up photograph of founder and lead coach at Duratus, Garry Banford.

Garry Banford

A head and shoulders photograph of Duratus coach, Professor Martin Jones.

Prof. Martin I. Jones

A black and white, head and shoulders photograph of Duratus coach Ruairi Dwyer

Ruairi Dwyer MBE

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Jane Ellen Kiernan


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