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Prof. Martin I. Jones


Professor Martin Jones is a sport and exercise psychologist with over 20 years of supporting athletes, coaches, performance directors, and military personnel. He is passionate about equipping us to respond positively to challenging situations; learning how to recognise when our responses aren’t helping us and what we can do differently to help us achieve our goals.


“I love working with corporate leaders and executives because they are positioned to support or thwart organisational culture.

I like working with people who can take hold of new ideas and practices that genuinely change lives, but also spread them out so that they have the largest positive effect."

coaching style

Martin strongly believes - as do all Duratus coaches - that successful coaching is founded on trust. That’s why he loves to listen. He cares about his clients unique stories, challenges and situations. He is empathetic, understanding, and honest.

He strives to translate his knowledge into understandable, valuable wisdom that benefits his clients. For Martin, coaching isn’t just a job. He genuinely cares about helping his clients reach their goals and better their situations.


Dr Martin Jones is a sport and exercise psychologist with more than 20 years of supporting athletes, coaches, performance directors and military personnel. He is a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society, a Science Council Chartered Scientist, and a Health and Care Professions Council Registered Practitioner Psychologist.

Martin is an award-winning researcher and educator. He has graduate degrees (MSc and PhD) in sport psychology from Loughborough University and Sleep Medicine (MSc) from Oxford University. Martin holds holds an honorary Associate Professor role at the University of Exeter and is a visiting Professor at Hartpury University.

He has published more than 45 peer-reviewed publications and recently moved into the defence and security sector to research sleep, fatigue, resilience, and human performance. He represented the UK MoD as the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory’s Principal Advisor on Human Performance and Human Augmentation and represented the UK as the principal member of the NATO human factors and medicine research panel. Martin actively advised and supported several human performance initiatives in the defence and security sector.


Martin uses his knowledge of sport and exercise psychology to help clients learn evidence-based techniques that build high-performance mindsets and teams.

Martin has strong personal motivations. As a father, Martin is driven to equip his children to face future challenges successfully by showing them how to control themselves and choose positive responses to situations. It is clear that Martin strongly believes in the advice and techniques he shares; something that gives his clients confidence.

Martin’s personal experiences - including a life-threatening situation - enable him to see panic-inducing situations from a fresh perspective. He can now see how imposing challenges can be made more manageable.

As evidenced by his experience in teaching, writing, and coaching, not only is Martin very knowledgeable, he also has the ability to translate complex ideas into clear and understandable concepts.

Martin has recently worked with the Police, NHS and HART paramedic leadership teams around optimising their shiftwork for best performance. He has also been instrumental for Duratus in helping them offer the most up to date academic insights to numerous high-performing corporate teams around the topics of human-performance, health and well-being.

Martin is a Duratus Keynote Speaker, commanding the attention of audiences of any size and providing insights that can be applied to almost any organisation.

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