team workshops

High performance and retention don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Your team can be hyper-focused and achieve outstanding results without burning out or falling out. We can help them develop undervalued but essential skills in our exclusive workshops.

Garry Banford - Duratus founder and lead coach -  is wearing a black jumper and standing in front of a white board. He is conducting a Duratus Team Workshop with a group of business men.

Team Workshops

Our team workshops can be adapted to focus on the specific challenges faced by your team, whether that’s demonstrating authenticity, communicating problems in the right way, performing under pressure, managing stress levels, or balancing work and wellbeing.

Group bookings are perfect for you if:

  • You want to extend the positive impact of your coaching to those around you
  • You want to offer your team a fresh independent perspective from your in-house mentorship programme
  • You have identified your team's blind spots and need help readjusting their approach

what's included

  • Team-specific programme
  • Varied duration: Anywhere from 90 mins to a whole day
  • Choose between on-site or off-site workshops with our coaches

from £1495

"Duratus made an instant positive impact on Team Rubicon UK. Years of quickly assimilating information in pressured situations has given [our workshop leader a unique and valuable ability to get to the centre of things very quickly and the dynamism to find solutions.

The teams response to his work has been second to none, being notably energised by him and focused on key areas… We are now looking to collaborate on at least 4 project areas across operational performance, recruitment, market positioning and commercial training products. In short, I would recommend Duratus unreservedly to any organisation."

Former CEO, Team Rubicon UK

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