one to one coaching

You need a coach that focuses on your real life situation, perspective, and unique objectives.

That is why our sessions are tailored to you personally; from the recommended coach to the package, the approach, and advice. Our one-to-one sessions will equip you to reach your personal and professional objectives - and thrive in the process.

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Duratus Foundation Package

In this package, we will examine your specific situation and personal objectives before sharing tested principles & insights born from our unique experiences. This is distilled into practical, actionable advice that you’ll be eager to apply.

We’ll then support you as you implement that advice, and see the positive results.


  • You haven’t worked with Duratus before
  • You know something needs to change but you don’t know where to start
  • You need to share your challenges with someone who can offer thoughtful objective feedback
  • You’re fed up of generic advice and need dynamic solutions that actually work in real life

what's included

  • 3 x 1 hour one to one sessions with a Duratus coach
  • Convenient scheduling
  • Actionable advice to implement between sessions
  • Personalised strength finder report
  • Personalised performance plan

from £845

"The Foundation Package was a revelation. My coach is incredibly easy to talk to. He honed in very quickly on the areas that I needed the most support with and gave me the skills and strategies to deal with them. I genuinely feel like a changed person. Highly recommended.

I am already doing things very differently. Generally, I am far more inclined (and able) to take a step back and recognise when I am feeling stressed, identify my triggers and act to address them. Perhaps the greatest change, however, has been that I am now much more inclined to consciously reflect on personal challenges and see things such as stress as hurdles that can be overcome and to actively seek to develop the skills to do so. So, thank you!"

Michael Wall
Barrister - 33 Bedford Row

Duratus Mentoring Programme

This programme allows you to build on the progress made in the Foundation Package and begin making the long-term changes that always seemed beyond your reach.

You will be working with your chosen mentor for as long as you need to achieve your desired results. Our monthly sessions will help you address new challenges as they arise. More importantly, we will support you as you forge your character and optimise your mindset.

duratus mentorship IS PERFECT FOR YOU IF:

  • You’ve benefited from Duratus coaching before
  • You’re fed up of people only telling you what you want to hear and, instead, want objective, honest feedback from someone you can respect
  • The in-house mentorship programme at your firm leaves you feeling ill-equipped
  • You need support from an independent coach, so you can be honest without feeling vulnerable

what's included

  • A 1 hour one to one session with your Duratus mentor each month
  • Flexible duration (We recommend 12+ months)
  • Convenient scheduling
  • Membership to Duratus Inner Circle, an exclusive online space with access to like-minded leaders, live webinars, and curated content

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"I’m looking at my goals from last year in my office and I have achieved everything on there, it isn’t lost on me that none of it was in place before our first call. You have lifted my standards I set across my whole life. Myself and my family can’t thank you enough."

John Gallagher
Leader - Private Sector

The Corporate Athlete Programme

This programme is designed specifically for executives who must perform at a highly competent level, for long hours, under constant pressure, with very high consequences for failure. The significant demands on their time mean they have little time to recover.

Our Human Performance Psychologist uses his knowledge of sport & exercise psychology and cutting-edge research to help you learn evidence-based techniques to keep you operating optimally at this intense level.

The Corporate Athlete Programme is great for you if:

  • You have higher consequences for failure than other business leaders
  • Sacrificing sleep and recovery time seems to be the only way to meet the challenges - but it’s taking it’s toll
  • An increase in stress is limiting your ability to operate at full capacity

what's included

  • A 10 week immersive programme working directly with the Duratus Coaches
  • Focused insights into your current stress and energy levels with dedicated support allowing you to make huge improvements to your performance, health and well-being
  • Truly unique insights and personalised advice from experts who know how to optimise themselves and support their team around them
  • Membership to Duratus Inner Circle, an exclusive online space with access to like-minded leaders, live webinars, and curated content

from £1950

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