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Our strong commitment to coaching and mentorship is strengthened by client transformations like these. We are eager to develop more authentic resilient leaders, and see the immeasurable impact that has on their businesses, their performance, and their people.

"I’ve been looking into personal development for quite some time but had yet to take the plunge with a coach as I hadn’t come across anyone I could trust.But from the first session, I felt my coach and I developed a strong rapport which helped to build instant trust.

I now feel I have gone to another level of self-awareness and consider my Duratus coach as my mentor!"

Senior Leader - Public Sector

"My Duratus coach has a mentoring and communication style that immediately put me at ease. This allowed me to easily absorb the learning in respect of both the self and stress management tools he taught me.

How do you get the best out of people? By the way, you speak to them and my coach does this with ease, and with a bin full of humility which inspired me to realise that with the right tools and mindset, anything is possible."

Senior Leader - Public Sector

"Brilliant and life-changing - before meeting my coach I hadn’t considered my own personal life missions and goals. Using their tools and coaching, I have defined plans and put in place new habits. I’m seeing the immediate benefits and this is just the start!

My Duratus coach has a wealth of knowledge and capability - do not hesitate if you’re curious or have something specific you wish to achieve."

Senior Tech Executive

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